ewig währt am längsten


We believe that remembrance makes your life richer. And because we believe this we want you to love to remember. The products we develope shall help you to say exactly the things in the language which is appropiate to reach understanding. So that you will stay in the minds not only of your current friends. Give away with all your heart durable premium-acessories for a demanding life-culture and truthful sympathy. Remember yourself. Or others.

We are the team around Maximilian Vondauer and like to welcome you here or e.g. on the VONDAUER® Online-Shop at DAWANDA. Here and there we present Dauerkreuze® and Dauerherzen® for your, with which  in the age of the virtual LIKE button your real sympathy becomes physically graspable again.

The Dauerkreuze® und Dauerherzen® of the signature collection from VONDAUER®, have been created so that you can remind a person or recall somebody who has enriched your life about how much you appreciate what he does or did and how much you like him because of that.

With these sympathy-bearers, you place such a sign in the area where you want to be remembered in the good. We find this idea of memory longlasting, future-oriented and in the truest sense of the term vondauer. Decide for yourself which love should last for you and your friends. We look forward to you!


Maximilian Vondauer