Fundraising needs creativity. This sentence, Prof.-Dr. Margot Käßmann once said at the 35th German Protestant Kirchentag, inspires us to the following interpretation. On the one hand, creative, i.e. new and sometimes imaginatively ideas, can be a support in the field of fundraising in general. More ideas is equal to more possibilities. And on the other hand, with more creative ideas, its possible to unlock the potential of fundraising in our society more intensive.

This could mean that not only the financial resources that are collected for a fundraising project can be more extensive. But also that more potentially disadvantaged people can be integrated into the fundraising process. The stronger has a responsibility before the weak. In all facets of fundraising. With this in mind, we interact with manufacturing facilities that support exactly those people who deserve special attention.

Regardless of where and to whom you give away your Dauerherz® or Dauerkreuz®. We offer you the opportunity to support your fundraising project with every single product sold by VONDAUER®.
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