Student Project - University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover 
VONDAUER® forever is good enough, is very pleased about the experience gained during a semester project with 37 students of the department of product design from the Universtiy of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover. Through the commitment of Prof. Gunnar Spellmeyer this project was possible. The students were situated at that time in the 3rd semester of their studies and were cared for in this creative learning process by Prof. Markus Keichel from Berlin.
The task was originally the development of products made out of right to the core with wax impregnated domestic timber. Using a patented process, the central european pine received so surprisingly convincing weatherability compared to tropical wood. And this without polluting the environment unnecessarily with harmful substances. The material is food safe and even for such sensitive creatures like adolescents no health challenge. Usefully, the developed product ideas should have been part of this tradition to represent an added value and a real alternative.
This highly durable wood was the first starting material, out of which VONDAUER® created series products as a real alternative to traditional tropical timber. With support of the competent and sympathetic network of the Founders-Academy of NUK Cologne an adequate niche market has been defined.. The manufacturer, however, has had to take a brake in the meantime, so the material is initially unavailable at least for the near future. Nevertheless all proposals of the design students from Hanover are worth presenting, of course. Because they show not only the high quality of education at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover, but also the potential that offers an innovative material in the product development as well as in commercialization.


Bird House | Silvan Hartig, Leander Thiel
System Wall | Rui Hou, Hanqing Wang
Garden Lights | Alexej Berenz, Wladimir Janowitsch 
Music Fence | Yuanfan Cheng, Eric Harder
Letter Box | Tomke Ellerhoff , Lisa Meincke, Robert Schäfer, Maximilian Richter    
Bicycle Basket | Jessica Grömminger, Lena Hoppe, Beatriz Huber
System Bicycle Rack | Esra Kayikci, Carina Meyer
Spring Animals | Diana Hartmann, Julia Madeja, Jandra Papst
Plant Tub | Anna Lena Breiding, Dorothee Edda Volker 
Hammock | Daniel Gurka, Sofia Izaak, Runhuan Wu    
Beach Chair Blinds | Matthis Müllenmeister, Jan Christian Schulz
Beer Tent Furniture | Natalie Krammer, Kurt Neudorf
Bathroom Furniture | Ruslan Dautkulow, Matthias Ludwig
Bathroom Accessories | Iris Luniku, Ellina Volkova, Julia-Sophie Wohne
Walking Bike | Daniel Doepper, Nina Käflein, Glenn Westerkowsky