2013 | Company was founded in the district Plittersdorf of the city of Bonn, Germany. Founding and management consultancy by André Doll ADMCC management | consulting, as well as the equally competent and congenial team of the Founder-Academy NUK (Neues Unternehmertum), Cologne, Germany. The aim of business creation is the successful market penetration with products from an innovative, patent-protected wood wich is locally grown and is impregnated right to the core with wax and therefore remarkably stable, weather-resistant and because of that promising sustainable.

2013 | Moving to Pulheim near Cologne. Development of innovative products from the patent-protected core-material and defining the brand identity for VONDAUER® and the product brands Dauerkreuz® and Dauerherz® with a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

2014 | Beginning of the establishment of the design-studio and the development workshop in Bergheim near Cologne in Germany.

2014 | Participation in the design competition of Svenska Kyrkans Arbetsgivarorganization for product innovations in the culture of remembrance of cemeteries in the city of Stockholm in Sweden.

2014 | Opening of VONDAUER®-Blog on Facebook as an information-platform of inspiring personalities of contemporary history. Intention is addressing the question of what shall be vondauer.

2014 | Collaboration with 37 students of the third semester for product design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hanover, Germany, as part of a semester project for VONDAUER®. Made possible by the commitment of Prof. Gunnar Spellmeyer. Taking care of the students was made by V.-Prof. Markus Keichel. 15 product designs for landscaping as a result. Planning of marketing.

2015 | New-orientation and conversion of the product portfolio, because of the stopped production of the innovative core-material of the founding-idea of ​​the company VONDAUER®.

2016 | Development and presentation as well as marketing launch of the signature-collection. Dauerkreuz® and Dauerherz® as commemoration for unique human beings and notably moments.

2021 | Production of Dauerherzen® as hand charm, for Kleine Herzen Hannover e.V., to give the parents of the little patients something comforting in their hands.